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Cloud DevOps Engineer

  • Devops & Sysadmin
  • Part-time
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Remote

Colabra's mission is to increase the world's scientific output.

We're backed by top investors including Village Global, Inovia, Builders VC, and the Technical Director of OpenAI.

We're now hiring a part-time experienced cloud devops engineer to join Colabra as the 5th member of our engineering team.

About us

  • We’re a small team optimising for impact — not headcount.

  • We’re using a single programming language — TypeScript.


  • Manage our Google Cloud and other cloud services (Hasura Cloud, Auth0, Uploadcare…)

  • Set up efficient and reliable CI/CD pipelines

  • Implement Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi

  • Ensure security and SOC 2 compliance of our cloud infrastructure


  • 4+ years in senior cloud devops positions and experience working in a remote-first team.

  • Strong experience with modern cloud stacks (GCP, Docker, GitHub Actions, Pulumi, CI/CD, QA).

  • Relentless resourcefulness and ownership mindset.

  • Passion for the promotion of science, and experience working on B2B SaaS a plus.


  • 🧪 Opportunity for outsized impact, working to accelerate world-changing scientific research.

  • 🌏 Work in an async, remote-first startup where work-life balance is celebrated and promoted.

  • 💰 $20,000–50,000 (part-time)